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Microwave Filters

Our filters, in terms of function, low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject filters, and in terms of structure, LC, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Tubular, and microstrip filters. 

RF Microwave Components

Amplifiers, Power divider/Couplers, Filters, Isolator/Circulators, Mixers, Pin Diode Switch, Digital Control Attenuators, Limiters and etc. The freq. can up to 40GHz. If you have any requirements, pls. contact us.

Waveguide Components

Straight/Bend/Twist waveguide, Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter, Coupler, Dummy Load, Attenuator, Isolator/Circulator, Filter and etc.

Coaxial Attenuator & Termination

Coaxial Fixed Attenuator and Termination, the power can up to 2000Watts. Chip, Flange and Tab type is available. If you have any special requirements, pls. contact us.

Switched Filter Banks

Zysen has the ability to design the Switched Filter Banks, if you have any requirements, pls. contact us.  

Wireless Components

Duplexer/Diplexer, Power Divider, Coupler, Combiner and etc..used at GSM、CDMA、PCS、DCS、PHS、AMPS、SMR、3G Communication systems.